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Rule Changes - Applied With Immidiate Effect

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Rule Changes - Applied With Immidiate Effect

Rule Changes - Applied With Immidiate Effect

The Competitions Committee with the Captains have completed a review of recent (Winter) competitions as well as reviewing this impact of WHS on Competition scoring and as a result have agreed the following changes to take immediate effect for all Men's and Mixed Competitions. Competitions organised by the Ladies and the Seniors are run separately with their own criteria. 

PAIRS AND TEAM COMPS (non-qualifying)

These will all be subject to the number of strokes received being based on a maximum Handicap Index of 31.2 for men and 39.8 for ladies (equivalent of 36 Course Handicap for Men from White tees and 45 for ladies off red tees).

How the strokes are calculated will vary by competition and wherever possible will based on calculations within ClubV1 which in general is now able to run all formats of Competition. Players with higher Handicap Indexes can still enter, but they will receive shots based on a Handicap Index of 31.2 or 39.8.

INDIVIDUAL COMPS (qualifying and non-qualifying)

No handicap restrictions, but entrants can only qualify for any main prizes if they have played 3 qualifying competitions in the last 12 months. Entrants excluded on this basis will be eligible for a nominal prize for the best score of the day until they have played in 3 qualifying competitions. NOTE - we do mean qualifying competitions and not just casual scores submitted.

These are in addition to the existing rules for Honours Board Competition play.


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Date published: Mon 18th Apr 2022
Author: Mann Hans
Updated: Mon 18th Apr 2022