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Greens Report 02/02/2024 – Ryun Holden – Course Manager

18 Holes in play!!

As I write we are happy to report the full 18 holes in play with limited restrictions. All main greens in play. Winter tees and mats in use. All bunkers currently GUR as was reported in last weeks greens report. The team are close to completion of the tree crown lifting program. The lower branches of all trees in mown areas have been removed and tidied. We are also now able to complete some much-needed course maintenance. Greens, Tees and Aprons have been cut again this week and we are able to dress the tees and aprons with coarse sand intended to improve surface drainage and deter worms from casting. Once complete our next project will be to bring the bunkers back into play. As I reported last week this will require significant investment of resources and time due to the damage caused over the winter. This will require patience and understanding from you the golfer, giving priority to the greenkeeping team.

We are keeping our fingers crossed the weather will play ball through until the start of the main season and allow us bring the course up to the standards we began to set for ourselves last year. As and when resources allow, we will continue the improvement of all areas of the golf course. There is no end goal. Improvement of playing surfaces and infrastructure is a journey, not a destination. Each season we will aim to offer improving standards despite what the weather throws at us. We can already see our agronomic practices are reaping rewards. The mild wet winter could not have been more beneficial to disease, yet the scaring to the greens has been minimal. We are feeling positive, with the new machinery and the experienced team in place, this season will take the course on to the next level. For this we need your support and a strong full membership. Only this will give us the resources we need to keep pushing standards.

New Addition

The delivery late last year of the new equipment meant we had old machines which became surplus to requirements. We have been able to arrange a swap deal of this old equipment for a near new tractor. Another great addition to our machinery resources which allows us to work more efficiently.

Course Safety

Course safety for golfers and employees is always paramount. Our Greenkeeping Team have to work around the course while play is in progress, a unique situation to our sport. Our team often require the use of heavy machinery and equipment to complete their work and are trained in the safe use of this equipment. Much of this machinery has loud motors and the greenkeeper must always concentrate on the safe use while completing their task. Although conscientious and aware of golfers we also require awareness from the golfer. If your ball comes to rest near any greenkeeper or the greenkeeper is working in your line of play, please always be sure to alert the greenkeeper of your presence or intention to play prior to continuing. Where possible please lift your ball and move away from the area of work allowing the team to continue their work unhindered. It is our intention to complete this work without restricting play but we reserve the right to close those holes under renovation should it be necessary to guarantee the safety of both Golfers and Staff.

Ryun Holden

Course Manager