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Information about Juniors coaching available at Beeston Fields Golf Club

Coaching Juniors at Beeston Fields

Coaching at Beeston Fields is provided for junior golfers to help them get maximum enjoyment from playing this fantastic game.  Our aim is to include everyone where that is possible, regardless of ability, and juniors need to bring just one thing with them … enthusiasm.

Golf is a game to be learnt through experiences, having a go, making mistakes, learning from them and going again, that is our philosophy.  We encourage juniors to experiment with different shots, clubs, and balls to see and experience what happens.  We find that when the juniors enjoy themselves they want to come back again, regardless of their score or whether they won or didn’t win a game of golf.

We coach in groups based on age, ability, and friendships.  We can’t always accommodate every request but we do our best.  We don’t set targets or goals because we just have one giant goal which is to have fun and enjoy the experience of being out in the fresh air and swinging the club … it’s that simple.  Unfortunately golf is very easy to complicate so we steer well away from technical talk, tips, and secret moves as we find that they just confuse juniors.  Our coaching is more about overcoming problems by trying different things and it’s amazing how quick juniors are able to learn and pick things up.

Our coaching is generally done in groups of six and we are supported by the clubs professional golf team who can provide individual lessons if required.  Volunteer coaches will also provide group coaching with all adults involved being DBS certificated and trained in safeguarding of children.

During the golf season (April to October) we coach weekly on Monday evenings from 1730 hours and out of season we coach on a fortnightly basis on Saturday afternoons.  All coaching costs £5 / session with no upfront fees or fees charged for non-attendance.  Please see our FAQ’s for more information.