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Juniors Section

Information relating to the Juniors Section at Beeston Fields Golf Club

Welcome to the Juniors Section

The Beeston Fields Junior Section is run on a voluntary basis by the members to encourage young people to get involved in golf.  The key focus of the section is to maximise participation and promote a fun and friendly environment that is a safe space for learning the game.

The club has achieved England Golf’s ‘SafeGolf’ standard which sets out how the club incorporates safeguarding and safe practices into its activities for children.  This includes Disclosure and Barring checks for all adults who require one and training on child welfare and safeguarding.  These checks and training are regularly updated.

The section runs various activities including regular coaching alongside the club professional, internal competitions, a matchplay league team, and promotes participation in open and county run junior competitions.

Coaching numbers are limited to ensure that those participating receive an enjoyable, quality, and safe experience.  Therefore enquiries should be made with the Junior Organiser if you are after a space at the coaching sessions.  See the FAQ’s section for more information on junior coaching.

To join the club as a junior member all enquiries should go directly to the through the club and not the junior section.  Once a child has attended a couple of taster sessions and wishes to continue with the section they are encouraged to become members of the club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Junior coaching at Beeston does get popular and numbers are limited because of facilities and safeguarding requirements, plus we also want children to have a quality and fun experience when they do attend.  Priority access to coaching is given to children who are related to full members of the club; however, this does not guarantee access and contact should be made with the Junior Organiser to see if any spaces are available.  Children who are not related to members can also access junior coaching but may have to go onto a waiting list during busy periods.

Each child is different, and they may therefore become receptive to coaching at different ages.  Very young children will generally need an adult to be with them, but this is not always the case.  If there is room for a young child and they are keen to attend coaching then access may be granted, however consultation with the Junior Organiser is recomended.

During the golf season, coaching sessions run on Monday evenings from 1730 hours.  During the winter season they run every fortnight on Saturday afternoons from 1400 hours.  Coaching sessions cost £5, and this is paid if you attend a session.  There is no upfront fee involved when attending coaching.

The junior section is relaxed and focussed on having fun, however there are some basic standards that we have.  Blue denim jeans should be avoided along with football kit / tops.  A standard pair of trainers are suitable footwear, however, any footwear that may damage the greens e.g. shoes with hard heels, must be avoided.  These standards are of increased importance when going on the course and/or representing the club in a tournament or match.

To start playing golf you actually need very little equipment.  A putter and a single iron is enough to get going and the junior section has access to a limited number of clubs that can be used to see if a child is interested.  If you need this assistance it is important to ask the Junior Organiser so appropriate advice can be given.

Throughout the season the junior section runs competitions internally and encourages participation in the Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs (NUGC) competitions for juniors.  The section also runs a league team that participates in the NUGC Junior Matchplay League, and this involves playing a series of matches against other Nottinghamshire clubs.  Juniors with an official handicap are eligible to play for the team if selected.

All membership enquiries must go through the club and are not dealt with by the junior section.  The clubs website provides all relevant details at Junior Membership – Beeston Fields Golf Club

The clubs professionals will provide individual lessons if your want them for your child / grandchild.  Contact should be made directly with the clubs pro shop who will advise you.