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Tee times and play

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Tee times and play

Tee times and play

For the attention of all members:

Please note that members should not be going out to play ahead of the first tee time in BRS. Times are set based on the work the greens team need to do to prepare the course for play.

Tee times have been extended out in the evening in recognition that some members enjoy playing just a few holes of golf after work.

It is important that ALL members book onto BRS to register the intention to play, at any time of the day. From a health & safety aspect is is important that we know who is out on the course.

Please could we also ask that all players ensure that gates are closed and locked when moving between the 9th & 10th and 17th & 18th

Thank you

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Date published: Fri 1st Jul 2022
Author: Sue Northridge
Updated: Fri 1st Jul 2022